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Oh, Amazon doesn't get what Lord of the Rings was about.

So, speculations come down from the pipeline, from Rumors are flying about that they kind of know what the whole Lord of the Rings T.V. show from Amazon's going to be about, that it's going to be about Aragorn, while he's still learning to be a ranger and stuff.

Yeah, makes sense as a story. Misses the entire point of Lord of the Rings, but makes sense as a story wise, even though it clearly betrays how nobody knows anything about what Lord of the Rings is really about. But then again, almost every single fantasy story also missed the point of Lord of the Rings, so that's good. Because I mean, you know, Aragorn, although it is a good character in its own right, also had the good fortune to be played by maybe one of the most single charismatic actors of all time.

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II     Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr.     as Edward "Tex" Sawyer lord of the rings Aragorn

There's a reason he's not the main hero of the story, and the main hero of the story is Sam, because Lord of the Rings is fundamentally about the small, forgotten ... the lesser people. Maybe about the meek people, fundamentally rising up, when there is a call for them, and doing the final good and saving the world. That's why the main characters that finally do it, are the hobbits.

Sean Astin young sexy sam lord of the ring

So that's what the story's about, but that's not what this T.V. show's going to be about, which is cool. So it'll be like every other fantasy story that ever existed. Vaguely fascist. Yay.

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