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Doom Portal TV show coming ! AWESOME SO COOL THAT AND ITS FROM  Greg Berlanti, oh um neat

Doom Portal TV show coming ! AWESOME SO COOL THAT AND ITS FROM Greg Berlanti, oh um neat

Doom portal robot man grant morrison

I mean Doom Portal is maybe one of my favorite comics ever, so I'm super excited for a TV show from Greg Berlanti. Oh you know, he, um, makes lots of very popular TV shows which, just like you in many ways, I like. You know they're very much on the telly and a lot of people like them, and your telly can't make them go away, no matter what, and it is best not to try because people should be able to like what they want. They deserve it.

grant morrison  Rebis Doom portal  Larry Trainor , Dr. Eleanor Poole  Negative Man   dc

I mean with such, um, let's say literal writing, and acting that ranged from "Boy they can do a lot with this" to "I'm so happy about all of that, see I have a big happy smile to show that" to "the many cameos, which gave you a chance to see how the show really liked to use cameos, which always makes stuff better not worse."

teen titans live action robin  Brenton Thwaites

I can't wait to see how that applies to say Doom Portal, which did not really interact with the DC Universe that much, and is now turned into a spinoff for their Teen Titans show, which I think is on a new streaming service, which is so neat to have. So yay to all of that, yay, that good stuff.

Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly as Hawk and Dove live action teen titans dc

Don't panic about Argentina says economists alerting us all to the worry about Argentina

The man who can eat 300 lobsters in one day and will not get sick and/or gain weight has issued a decree about the SpongeBob SquarePants musical getting nominated for so many Tonys.