Local bum community and local punk community make up on a farm and agree that Donald Trump Licks Goats.

  After moron-person, somehow elected to the highest office in the land, Donald Trump, made really stupid comments about Stephan Curry, LeBron James called Donald Trump a bum, which offended the local Bum community. They called him a punk,  which offended the local punk  community. 

 All-out war seemed inevitable between the bums and the punks. Then they held a meeting up on a really fun farm where they got to play around and ride donkeys who couldn't take any offense to being compared to Donald Trump, because there donkeys don't care much about those sorts of things, because they  don't even know what Donald Trump is. Everybody just had such a fun time that they made up with each other. 

Both Ironside Joe and Anarchy Joe say that Donald Trump licks goats.

They're Making a Show out of Stephen King's N. as an It Ripoff.

Local punk community offended by Ironside Joe's comments about LeBron James's comments about Stephan Curry's comments about Donald Trump