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Ben Afleck to Quit Batman to Play Hobgoblin in Next Spiderman

yea its true that's whats going on Ben Afleck will not batman any more but the Hobgoblin also the Hobgoblin will be the next villain also the cast list will be

Tom Holland

Jodie Foster

Michael Keaton

Emma stone

Jon Favreau 

Marisa Tomei

Al Pacino

The 87 Mets

a Cgi Audrey Hepburn

The Still Living Tupac Shakur

Willy loman

Tobey Maguire

Tom hanks as David s Pumpkins,

 Ellen Bry


some guy

Elizabeth olsen

you all your favs in one moive film. about boy who swings on webs because he is a spiderman.

The Zombie Anthony Scaramucci was on the Stephen Colbert show.

Dear God, a new Jeffrey