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Rep. Keith Kempenich thinks it's good and American to drive through protesters

Rep. Keith Kempenich furry showing his belched asshole to loveing public ofbelched asshole loveing furrys

Rep. of North Dakota Keith Kempenich thinks it's good and American for drivers to drive through protesters and this great guy created a bill to help to protect those noble people with all the laws of the land and such. You know - what could go wrong..........

So you know everyone liked that so much that a bunch of other states are also thinking about doing that; you know, like North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Rhode Island.  So freaking great, and not the bad thing happening stuff.

You know I'm not saying Keith is a giant jackass who will be remembered like so many of his buddies as being a modern day Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.

Well Guess what? There is an eclipse, so you win Tiffany Trump

"Proof" of Trump ties to Russia, Well """""""alleged"""""""