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Parliament is to look into snap election addiction

Parliament is to look into snap election addiction in Prime Ministers after both Theresa May and David Cameron called elections in hopes of consolidating their power, but ended up losing it. The government has approved a measure in hopes of curbing this behavior in Prime Ministers.

“We feel that it is very important that our present and future Prime Ministers learn that weakening the government by trying to consolidate power is maybe not the best decision. Why, we put Britain in a classic Margaret Thatcher situation where she was calling up to 30 elections a week. We especially don’t want another John Major situation where he was found running through the streets naked insisting that we must have an election on him getting a new tailor,” said Parliament member Albert Whisperson.

John Major was nude below

John Major was nude below the waist in this

Parliament is expected to run various classes, and they have also announced that a PSA will be shot with recently-found-alive English icon Paul McCartney.

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