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North Korea claims successful intercontinental ballistic missile test - don't worry, Donald Trump is in charge

 Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, two over-privileged man-children in charge of nations, have totally met expectations and keep screwing up. North Korea successfully launched a nuclear ballistic missile. Time only will tell whether it will be Donald Trump at his residence of the White House lazily tweeting in his bathrobe or whether it will it be Kim Jong-un going into a blind rage after losing a Star Craft game because of gout pain from eating too much Swiss cheese that will end the world. Whatever it is, it's the world we live in now. 

 Donald Trump so smug
Kim Jong Un emo boy

Look at these two boy wonders. Think how daunting it would be if they got together as a couple. It would turn into the most bold version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  Trump would be in the Elizabeth Taylor role because Trump is such a diva, and Kim Jung-un is such a field writer type, the only thing he would drink is Swiss cheese. Who would be the young couple?

Sean spicier Easter bunny

Sean Spicer is someone for sure ...................... he's The Ingenue.

Emperor Tim has Died

I'm a god, declared Donald Trump as he runs his fingers through his hair