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A Gay Woman has been Nominated for Prime Minister of Serbia - the World is Grey

Ana Brnabic Prime Minister of Serbia

41-year-old Ana Brnabic has been nominated for Prime Minister of Serbia. So this is good news. Wait. Reading further into this, it appears that the Prime Minister is really just a show, and the person who is actually in charge is the President who is apparently some sort of brutal dictator, and he has only picked Ana Brnabic maybe because she is loyal to Putin who has anti-gay policies, and Serbian President Alexander Buonich has done this only to appear more European, so this is not good. It is good that a gay person has been nominated for this position, but it is bad because ….. oh there is so much greyness in this; everything is terrible. Everything is terrible. Oh no, oh no. So what if we accept that this is a Schrödinger's Cat situation that’s both good and bad, and really more bad, and in reality the cat would totally die. So that’s our dedicated coverage of Serbian politics. Yeah. 

Two Cute cats

one of these cats is dead

I just wanted a simple inspirational story about a gay person doing good and achieving great things. Oh no, this story is so much more than complex … oh no. Really bad things are going to happen. I’ve wandered way far out into scary things – dangerous scary things. Quick; maybe if I find something about a celebrity. Write down anything about a celebrity or a movie being made or something.

Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald will be returning to Riverdale. That’s much better, much better – simple one-two stories. Thank goodness. We’ve fixed everything. Yeah for me.

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