Grocery Bagging League Admits That They Might Never Be as Big as Football.

Darryl Lynne, deputy director of the International Grocery Bagging League, admits that they might never be as big as football. He was quoted as saying this in the National Grocery Bagger’s Magazine, one of the 10 top grocery bagging magazines in the upper U.S. He admits that, although they have made great inroads into mainstream society with mentions in both PitBull and Trian songs, they’ll probably never be able to capture that International Grocery Bagging championship and will never really capture the heart of America in the same way Tom Brady has. He said that although he expects their rating to remain tied with their two main competitors, The National Pizza Making League and Major League Baseball, he concedes that these are respectable numbers for most. He went on to discuss the league’s potential future and sponsorship opportunities with Hefty.

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