Trump says he doesn't remember meeting Papadopoulos. Goes on to call him a pretty cool dude.

Donald Trump, who is somehow president, because this is the world we live in, says he doesn't much remember accused Russian collaborator and Trump campaign staff member that much. Donald Trump then went on later to say that, "He's not a super cool dude, who's totally awesome. Awesome, and has all the best video games, and one time he was super awesome and he showed me how to get to the final level in Space Invaders, because he's totally bitchin'. I don't even know him. I don't even know that super, super, cool, awesome best guy in the world. I probably like him better than Tiffany, that's for sure. I wish he was my daughter." At press time, Donald Trump was seemed to be taking a nap hugging his former campaign staffers picture.

Bioware proudly announces new game made with Frostbite Engine. Several months after release, we'll talk about how it killed the project.

In generally delightful news, Laurence Fishburne seems to absolutely love working on a Marvel movie.