My Nephew's Favorite Video game OverWatch is getting a brand new character

The video game Over Watch is getting a brand new character, yeah, yeah. That's right, are you tired of those old characters over watched, what's his face and who's it. Well guess what brother? My Brohees, you're getting a brand new Over Watch character her name is according to this article that follows the video game news things Maurina or Doreena something or other.

 overwatch Moira

Marina something or other, you know I don't really play a lot of video games. I like painstaking reenactments of Civil War battles done with miniatures. That's what I consider the fun game but my nephew seems to really be in to that Over Watch thing, so I fully supportive of what he wants to do. He's a young gay man and that's very good. Your uncle supports you Devon, go to that high school prom, you'll love it.

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