EA to make new UFC game. Also, I don't really have an opinion about this. Michelle!

 EA's making a UFC game. That's interesting. No not really. They made a UFC game before, so You know. Who the fuck cares? Fans of UFC? Good for them. Fans of UFC who wants to play video games, also good for them, but you know. It's like we say, for everything there is balance in the universe. And the new UFC by EA has balanced the fact that there was not a UFC game by EA in existence before, except for the other two ones, but that wasn't the same one, so all in all, you can definitively say that it's a thing that exists in the world and that's something maybe I'd say beautiful in it's own regard for not being another thing. I don't know, who cares? It's the UFC. Who cares, it's the UFC? Congratulations fans, if you are fans of the UFC video game things. Right on! Or whatever Michelle.

Donald Trump may be related to a serial killer called the Werewolf of Bedburg.

All the world problems now fixed. Now that the Astros have won the World Series.