Bioware proudly announces new game made with Frostbite Engine. Several months after release, we'll talk about how it killed the project.

 Once respected and great video game development company Bioware has proudly announced in their trailer for their latest game, Anthem, that it was made with the Frostbite Engine, an engine considered by many to be powerful, but also considered by many to be exceptionally small and limited in its scope. Bioware, which used to be one of the greatest video game companies of all time until it was bought out by EA, thus dooming it forever to mediocrity and forcing them to use an exceptionally powerful, but not very well equipped for anything but first person shooters, will soon blame Frostbite for its limiting potential. If this article proves to be wrong, I will post a picture of a sad kitten for a week. Give it about, I don't know, six months. 

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