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All the world problems now fixed. Now that the Astros have won the World Series.

All the world's problems will most likely be fixed now that the Astros have won the World Series. As many scientists have predicted if possible, even improbable that Houston could ever have a good sports team ever that wasn't soccer has happened. The Houston Astros have somehow most predict, likely through black magic to have pulled out a victory in the World Series. A thing that most consider would never happen in a million years. Hell is most likely frozen over and the devil is wearing a jacket.

Yeah, take that L.A, I'm really sorry about the fire. That's really bad. That's really tragic. That's really tragic. I'm sorry about that.

You know, in the end with all the problems going on in both Houston and California, and Puerto Rico. Will the World Series really fix anything? I mean the universe is just going to fall into entropy anyway. All shall be forgotten. Next year they'll be another baseball season.

astros yea

EA to make new UFC game. Also, I don't really have an opinion about this. Michelle!

hey I even forgot about it new the Pirate Continent