Ivanka Trump to promote working women in India. like in a random, totally off the cuff suggestion. Garment industry, maybe.

Ivanka Trump just really feels passion about women working so She's going to India as a delegation to support it. In fact, she feels so, so strongly about that women should work, that her clothing line has totally opened a bunch of shops in India, you know. The conditions there are none of your business. Why are you even asking this question? They're fine, stop looking into it. There is nothing to find. They're great, everybody loves being there. Ivanka Trump employed a lot of women in India. That is the only story you should think about.

When has there ever been issues with factory conditions in India? Never, not once in the entire history of the world. Indian factory conditions are great, everybody loves them. Ivanka Trump is number one speaker for women world over. Love her, great person, strong, intelligent. Praise her.

via Washington Post

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