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Putin and Trump may have seen a painting of Winston Churchill as a monkey.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, who are known as just giant jackasses, somehow get to continue to live the good life. By that I mean, the ultimate luxury. Getting to see a painting of Winston Churchill as a chimp.

    It feels although, this is just a minor thing. It's emblematic of the entire world in that I really want to see this painting and I can't find it online. As Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin surely discuss several disgusting ways to destroy whatever was left of human society, they also got to do it in the view of what was presumably a hilarious picture of Winston Churchill as a chimp, as they were standing in what is called the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. .

Sutherland's Portrait of Winston Churchill    monkey

                The most tasteful monkey-themed hotel that the world has ever known. As it sits in what's called Monkey Mountain, and no, it is not a mountain shaped like a monkey, it's just a mountain with a lot of monkeys. The hotel pays like, homage to this fun thing. Oh, it infuriates me so.

                They got banana-themed movie theaters, elaborately decorated and a library with a painting of Churchill as a chimp. Those bastards.

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