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Koch brothers may buy Time Magazine.

 Oh, boy. Oh, fucking hell. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This thing, oh, my God. The freaking Koch brothers, man. To be fair  Isn't the exemplar of great media journalism to begin with.

time oj smipsons

                It's a really freaking influential thing, and the freaking Koch brother, oh, boy. They really want to buy it? Listen, as a magazine publisher myself, which I am, I've put out an issue of this, in print, I can sympathize with the idea that it would be really fun for really rich people to pay me to do stuff, but no. No, Time, you can't do this.

No. Boo. Boo you, Time magazine. Boo you. Bad. Bad Time. Go back to what you know how to do. see what's going on. Boo. Just boo, Time. Don't do it. Boo.

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Marvel is getting a new editor-in-chief, even though I'm available.

Putin and Trump may have seen a painting of Winston Churchill as a monkey.