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Donald Trump has finally gone too far; gets himself banned from the Camelot Magazine Subreddit.

 Donald Trump, who somehow was elected to the presidency ,has finally gone too far in this editor's opinion, and has been officially and unequivocally banned from the Camelot Magazine Subreddit which exists and you should all check out.

His latest actions which prove he is unfit for the presidency have also proved he is unfit to be a subscriber and regular commenter on the Camelot Magazine Subreddit. I feel this action will finally bring down his corrupt and villainous presidency.

Clearly this one action, and one action alone, will cause his fall and I take all the credit for it.

sad trump with a bulbs chin

Scientists say there's enough wind energy in the ocean to power all of human civilization. Clearly this is a plot to get Donald Trump to get eaten by sea monsters.

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