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Scientists say there's enough wind energy in the ocean to power all of human civilization. Clearly this is a plot to get Donald Trump to get eaten by sea monsters.

 So-called scientists who are clearly in the employ of the powerful sea monster union have claimed what they call extensive research and scientific backing that wind from the ocean could theoretically power the entirety of human civilization.

 Donald Trump at his sexist

Clearly, clearly, clearly, this is a plot by the powerful sea monster lobby to get Donald Trump out in the middle of the ocean so that he can be eaten by a sea monster. It is well-known that sea monsters crave presidential flesh the most. When a sea monster like the Leviathan, that dastardly devil, that murderous monster, gouges on a person, he or she is forgotten totally. It is how we lost President Alexander Thompson, President Nathan Steldman, and President John Arbuckle, just to name a few. The sea monsters will stop at nothing, but they will eventually learn as all learn that the Dome knows all and will rule all.


via Washington Post

This is Some Mother Fucking BullShit

Donald Trump has finally gone too far; gets himself banned from the Camelot Magazine Subreddit.