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Kim and Kim first issue impression

Kim and Kim first issue impression

So I guess I want to start off this review by saying I know this site is so small potatoes that nobody would really care about what I review. But I do. So I'm pretty sure all of the stuff I've reviewed has been from white male creators. And I'd like to say that the reason for this is, it's just the stuff I saw, or I'm a little bit lazy in reading and watching new things. And there are things I want to watch, and that's certainly part of it, but there's another part that is like I'm a White C.I.S dude, so you know that plays a part in it also.

So I guess this is an apology, essentially, to non-like-me creators for not looking at things outside of my usual interests. 

So, Kim and Kim. Let's get on to the review. Kim and Kim is a comic I heard about, and as I'm trying to save money these days, this is unfortunately only going to be a first issue retrospective. I will say, right off the bat, that this first issue sold me enough that I'll probably pick up some more issues later on. Hopefully Comixology will make them part of the unlimited program, and if they do, expect a full review, but for right now, it's not, so. Ahhhh! So many justifications.

The reason I say this is that first issues, especially for stuff like this, are usually garbage. First issues have the unfortunate burden, especially for comedies, which this definitely is, of trying to explain everything that's going on. And it doubly hurts a first issue, or first anything, that if it's sci-fi, you have to explain the sci-fi stuff. We're all up to a point where we can get space and stuff, but sci-fi stuff? What's the political situation? And all that stuff.

So, those two caveats aside, I liked what I saw so far. Kim and Kim concerns a bounty hunting team named Kim and Kim. What I liked about the series is, first, the art is quite good. It's cartoon-y, and this is definitely internet-age art, so there is a slight anime influence. It's clearly westernized, but it's lively and energetic as stuff like this should be, and the color is particularly set well.

It's a sci-fi world done, in my personal opinion, how you should do sci-fi, which is, don't make up too many fake words, or what I call 'nounism'. But what I particularly like about this is the energy. You can tell from every frame and inch that they are ecstatic to be here. This is a story everybody's thrilled to write, and the characters Kim and Kim are likable. 

This was a dumb idea to review first issues. I want to write faster things, but this was a dumb idea. Why did I think this was a good idea?

Anyways, because I'm about to, because I have three in the pipeline, whatever. The characters are a little similar right now, but the pink-haired Kim clearly has more of a punk-rock attitude and is having a good time. I want to live in this world. This world seems a lot of fun, and that's what attracts me so far to this piece. So this is a test idea for doing one-issue reviews. Not a fan of doing one-issue reviews at the moment, but we're doing it anyways. I will do the full volume in a bit. I promise.

Okay, and I'm interested to see what this flick thing offers at the moment. In this bounty-hunting world all the spaceships look like cars, and it's a lived-in world. The dialogue is fun and witty. And if I am witty, and I would recommend it. You'll have a good time reading it, unless you're a jerk, but whatever.

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