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"Final Space" chapter three review.

I'm still liking this series. I still have a lot of things to talk about it with, so I'll just keep up with it for the time being. I reviewed the first few episodes the first time, so let's just do episode three.

Avocato  Final Space

Episode three Avocato, in the preview I called it Avacoto, apparently it's Avacato, and Gary decides that it would be best to hide Moon and do it with something called the Order of the 12 Eyes, which are weird aliens that have eyes that rotate around instead of the normal way, which is in their heads. Theirs are outside their heads. Avacato looks on this because the planet they land on is a bunch of super violence and it mentions something about a death related event in stead, they decide to power through that doubt. They decide let's do it anyways, see what happens. They end up in a ... It turns out that the high command took control of it. Interesting to note, apparently, we learn something; that the high commander is dying and that's part of the reason he's so desperate to get Mooncake. So they trap Gary and Avacato in a labyrinth prison that makes anything they think come to life.

Final Space

This is a good episode. I wouldn't say it's as good as the first two, but that's not the insult, that's not bad or anything, because this is a classic mid-point episode, There's a bunch of plot points that need to get established, because we actually finally hear the term 'final space' and the first question of what it is comes up. And Gary learns about Mooncakes through nature and stuff, which is all good.

the picture uploading has been a fuck nightmare for this one so here is Sara doing her thing becuse it makes me happy to see

I was thinking about this. As like genres, the animated comedy, the sci-fi adventure show, both shows that in TV grew up in episode by episode or monster of the week, no real through-line, not that much through lines between each episode, develops into a much more serialized form of storytelling, which is fantastic and wonderful and I love that, but what that means is essentially there's going to be a few growing pains with these new things as they work out how to do it all. I'm so excited by this show, that's it's doing this, but there are some slight growing pains.

final space death thingy

Part of me thought a little bit while watching this, this might have been better served as a direct, like a Netflix, stream it all in one day, you know, you watch it all at the same time sort of thing. Maybe, I don't know. That might be a vague idea. I don't know. Or not. It's not to say that this is a bad episode at all, in fact it's quite a good episode. I'm not like the A-B club, I don't give ratings, but in theory, if I were, I would give the first episode an A-, the second episode a B+, and this one just a B, if I were to give ratings. But I don't because I don't like that and you won't get those from me.

Final Space mooncake

It feels like more of a set up for the next, you know, the next episode. B or maybe a B+, but particularly because of that fight scene with mooncake which was fucking awesome. That's a really fucking cool thing. Holy shit was that awesome. I realized the animation style, I commented in my first review, looked a lot like Rick and Morty, but the other style I really didn't notice until this episode was Heavy Metal I think that was pretty freaking sweet. I kind of have to say. I don't know if it's great filmmaking or animation or anything, but it's a pretty awesome movie. That whole last fight scene with Mooncake in the death stadium, Goddamn that thing just made me smile the entire time. That directly indicates, like hits my head in such a great way that it's just pretty cool.

final space Garry in space

See this is why I hate letter grades and I wish I didn't bring that up, because ugh, fucking letter grades. What I'm saying, it's a good episode, not the best episode, but still a good episode. If you're watching the show, then watch this episode. You're relatively certain after the season is done, I'll think much better of this episode just because I'll see it in its full context.

Final Space david tennant lord commander

I'm excited for next episode. David Tennant's performance is really fucking cool, now. And it's really ... I guessed that the Lord Commander, that he was playing him, just because that would make the most sense of the roles to cast David Tennant. But I have to say, I guess he's not really doing an American accent, but he doesn't have his natural accent. What was that ... He was in that remake show of Broad Church? I forget what it was called. And his accent was so bad in that. It was really funny.

final space carl gary

Anyways, good episode I guess is what I'm saying. It feels more like a part than a full episode and I'm super aware that this is a super serialized story and partly it's not totally fair to judge this show on an episode by episode basis, but that's what I'm doing, so. That's just how it's going to have to be. Anyways. Yup.

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