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Teen Titans Go! review.

Teen Titans Go! review. Okay. So I've been traveling recently and for the first time in a long time in my life I have TV with cable. And I've been watching a lot of cartoons really. And have you heard about this thing? Teen Titans Go! have been playing a lot and how a lot of people have been complaining about it. And they're saying it's one of the worst shows on television and it's really bad and all that stuff. Okay. I'm going to break your heart right here. I like the show and I'm giving it a positive review and I literally think it's quite funny of all the episodes I've seen playing on TV and, yes, there are quite a lot of them. And this is going to offer as slightly a difference of review but whatever, I don't care.

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So I don't know if you know but the Teen Titans are a collection of teenage superheros who battle evil, but in reality they don't do a lot and they just get into more petty arguments than anything else. And again, I know you're about to be saying I'm wrong and ... Well, I'm not. You're not either. This is the world media and this is ... And if you want to read about somebody hating this show, it won't be that hard to find. But I should justify why I like it and I like it because it's ... I don't know. It's funny to me. I like shows that honestly don't care that much. I don't know. That seems arbitrary but what I mean by that is it's a show that does kind of whatever it feels like. Like the episode I just recently watched was the Saint Patrick's Day episode where they have a leprechaun-themed discussion of the gold standard, and where Robin becomes a leprechaun and Beast Boy becomes a leprechaun and they get into an argument about the gold standard and Nixon. And I found that funny and that was insane. And I honestly think the performances are really good and over-the-top and goofy in a kind of hilarious way.

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I'm not justifying this to you. Okay. And I know what the reason is. I wanted to review this partly because I wanted to get a thought I've had about this thing and idea. So the thing about this is, and I know ... And this will take, I don't know, some mental gymnastics but I kind of think of this as the equivalent of the Adam West Batman show for the Teen Titans television show. It's taking something that was goofy but fundamentally took itself serious in making it really overtly goofy and I enjoy that. But I wanted to address this and the real reason I wanted to review this because I've been needing to get this off my chest for a while.

    Robin   Starfire Raven  Beast Boy (cat) Cyborg  Scott Menville   Hynden Walch   Tara Strong   Greg Cipes   Khary Payton  Teen Titans Go!

I know why you're upset or at least I think I know why you're upset, and it's because Teen Titans was your favorite show as a kid and you're really angry that this random show is just making stupid funny jokes around it and not taking anything seriously, and I get that. it sucks in a lot of ways that there's a group of people that doesn't take your favorite thing as seriously as you do. And I'm a superhero fan and I get that. Trust me, I truly get that but I need to talk about this because this show you want is not the show you want. What I mean by that is I know the real hope was that they just bring the show back, that they resurrected and they'd make just more official Teen Titans show like in the old days but It wasn't going to work. And the thing is ... Do you actually remember the last season of Teen Titans? I don't know. Or even season four? It was running out of steam. The show was good but it was also ... The writers kind of didn't know where to go from it and they ended it.

Teen Titans Go!

the thing of it is does anybody really like the new seasons of class of TV shows they've made. I think the Arrested Development new season was pretty decent but most people didn't like that. Most people don't seem to really like the new Gilmore Girls season. W/ Bob and David has been kind of forgotten about. It was okay but it wasn't the rebirth of Mr. Show we were all hoping for. And there's also the new Powerpuff Girls show. Did any of it make you happy? Did it fulfill a long need? My guess of that major criticisms that all those shows received, I'm thinking no? Not really. Because that's kind of the thing. No matter what the show does, it will never be as good as the childhood memories and honestly, we need to not do this anymore. We can't keep living in the past. I would rather new shows come out that do what the old show did in a new way. I don't know.

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I guess that's why I think Teen Titans Go! kind of screwed itself over. Because I think honestly if they hadn't used the Titans, the show would've been much better received. But that's the thing, the show was just there. There is five great seasons of the show. And it sucks that they don't do action cartoons anymore and Adventure Time should've totally got the movie first but aberrance is fun and superheroes are goofy. And the obvious joy that the performances hold for each of them is pretty fun. And I like ... I don't know. I like Mystery Men and stuff like that, the kind of loser superheroes, so I actually enjoy these stuff. And if you don't like it, you're fair and you're right and I hold nothing against you but there's nothing to this. There's no end realistically where this will all work out for you and the show will come back and you'll love it just the same. You know you won't. In the end, what we really want is the hype of it coming back and that's depressing and not fun for anybody. I don't see an end where any of this would be good, where we'd be 100% satisfied with the show. It will always be in contrast and most of it was ended. The story ended.

    Robin   Starfire Raven  Beast Boy (cat) Cyborg  Scott Menville   Hynden Walch   Tara Strong   Greg Cipes   Khary Payton  Teen Titans Go! almost nude

So I know I didn't talk a lot about the actual show which if you read up to this point, then you're already a fan. If you didn't, you've dismissed me as a know nothing idiot and, yeah, I guess I am and that I'm sorry. I'm really sorry I failed you. The question I guess is why they didn't use the original characters and I don't know, the truth is people probably wouldn't have watched it if they used original characters. That's the heart, of the thing. It's a fun show and I think maybe in 15 years when all this is said and done and it moves past the problems that a lot of people have, it will blew up better or I feel it will be thought of as better, or maybe not and nobody will remember this. One of two options but that's kind of just it. And I don't know what to suggest you but I just want to say that. It's just that this nostalgia that is filled with despair and doom and that's just that.

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