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"Revolting Rhymes part two" review

revolting rhymes cindy part two

When I saw the compilation of the Oscar nominated shows, (turns out the Oscar ... It's not exactly all the Oscar nominated shows, were Great ) but my favorite and clear crowd favorite, and the one I just reviewed, Revolting Rhymes of the Oscar and the directors themselves. Hi, hi guys, you're probably reading this one too.

my review for part one

my review for part one

Anyway, that was my favorite, Revolting Rhymes because it was both funny and imaginative and wonderful and the writing was cool. All the stuff it was cool, and it was anchored by a truly fantastic performance by Dominic West. Jimmy McNulty is a freaking genius, and I don't think I'm underselling it. Perfect casting, he had a real sense of minutes.

Anyways, and I have a suspicion about it but it turned out to be correct is that this thing had a second part, wonderful I'm going to watch this freaking second part on some Netflix. I turn on the Netflix thing, and I start watching it ... That's a dramatic little tale of me watching the freaking thing and like I say, I loved it. I was feeling correct that the story, don't make sense without the second part because it's about the wolf's character development ... Character arch as it were.

We leave off, part two starts where part one ended a very good place for the second place to start. With the wolf dressed ... The wolf has still got the clothes the babysitter comes in starts looking after the kids. Of course gets up for a second but you know, wolfs a wolf big scary motherfucker. A big scary freaking guy, he's a freaking wolf and he's a big scary one but the little girl is smart. She's clever and precocious is the word that you would use the describe her, so she talks the wolf into reading a story. This time around, and a little bit of criticism I have for this, it just inched a little. It's a pin hole look through and boom, there's my criticism of it, is that the first part was directly about the wolf and what he experienced and this one has a less connection to it, but whatever the story was still fine.

Revolting Rhymes par two jack

This one is about Jack and Cinderella, I don't actually think her name is Cinderella in the original books ? Cinderella isn't actually the name it's supposed to be an insult. So, Jack is a hopeless suitor they go through adventures in life and love and if you know the story, I don't suspect you don't know them because that would be crazy, unless there's several billion or so people that didn't grow up in the Western world, that could be a reason I don't know. Then you kind of know how they end, transgress the fun dark little twists.

So I'm going to talk about saying it and then we'll go right into the big scary world of spoiling that.

Cinderella like in the original story, falls in love ... Not falls in love, that's the wrong phrase decides to go to the ball to fall in love with the prince and the prince ... This, it didn't make me realize until now with this but princes, even in the original story is a big kind of creep if you kind of think about it. This woman runs away from him and then he just goes and chases after her and steals her shoe, that's weird right? Creepy almost, like a weirdo, creep thing.

Revolting Rhymes part two

Whereas Jack, who is abused by his mother decides ... His story happens and he decides and he gets in an argument and says to his mother about ... He says to the mother, he says if you're so clean why don't you try them, do the whole thing and well  oh boy, does she feel it.

I think I've talked as much as I can without talking about the ending, if you care about these sorts of things this is the spoiler part. Where the worlds . Where all the worlds secrets get reveled bwahahaha!  I don't know why I did that, anyway spoiler. The twist with Cinderella's story is that she ... The prince gets distracted and the step-sister replaces her shoe with the shoe of herself and when she pulls a con, the prince who is just a great dude all in all, he hits her. What a doll. He goes beheading crazy, of course the wolf has been telling this story to the children of red riding hood, it's really cute. The children, the girl from ... The wolf has such a great freaking presence in these two shorts, it's kind of amazing and he goes from being this villainous person to the kids almost get calm around the wolf. That goes back to the beginning where he tries to stop his nephews from eating the people.

The implication, she gets a little bit too into the story, the daughter and it's pretty clear that the prince just chopped Cinderellas head off. The wolf being a bit like I imagine most authors and mothers, authors and parents  can't really bear to be mean to the character and gives the big dumb happy ending where her fairy godmother, like an action hero comes in and saves and literally magically just shows her to Jack's marmalade shop that he opened with the money, that he made from robbing the giant and in the end the wolf after the kids fall asleep, who had been planning to eat them decides to let them go. But not before Red shows. I kind of love that ending because in a weird way it turns wolf into kind of a mob boss or he's saying, I can do it but I just wanted you to know, I could.


There's almost a romantic side to it, I don't mean in the love side, I mean in more of just the great challenge or re challenges and the wolf returns to nature at the end.In the end, the story is really about him learning to let go of the tragedies of his past and in a weird way, learning to forgive Red, even though he knows that his nephews brought it upon themselves. Which is great  I'd like to praise Dominic West, particularly for his performance because I think he's the one who really ties this whole thing together and the great animation on the wolf itself. Am I talking a little bit too much about the wolf, I am talking a little bit  Everybody's kind of great in this, I liked the kids. I was also ... I'd like to say I was the tough talking kid who wouldn't ... I'm trying to be really family friendly when talking about these, I'm trying really hard not to curse just because these are kids' stories. Let's be honest kids really do love the gory details but I don't ... If kids come across this, I don't want to be cursing in front of them, I don't feel good about that. So freaking  It's freaking sweet.

What I was saying, I find the son who is a scaredy cat who just gets nervous and scared way too easily and is nervous to be alone. That's truthfully the kid I was. This movie was great and I'll be honest it kind of convinced me to give more serious study to fairy tales in a weird way. Right after I watched this I bought the recently translated edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales, I don't know what I'm going to do with that, read it obviously. It's something I'm weirdly excited to do. Obviously I really should give roald dahl a very thorough look, because I love his writing style it's just fun. So, I'll be the weird adult whose reading kids books, in secret I'll put them behind the Thomas Pynchon. I'll wait for all my cool, sophisticated friends, like oh! David Foster Wallace, Thomas Pynchon, very nice, very nice. Then in the middle of the night, I'll have a secret switch thing that I'll swing around and there it'll be my collection, my Grimm's Fairy Tales and my roald dahl books.

the enargy.jpg

This is fun, it's great, I loved it a lot. I loved both of these shorts quite a bit. I really want the first one to win the Oscar. It was really cool that both ... Cool in a lot of ways, I don't know what else to say. It's on Netflix, so please, please watch it. I really I hear a lot of people have trouble watching full-length movies nowadays, but guys try shorts, you might actually like it. Shorts are wonderful and great and I love this time of year 'cause it's easy to find good shorts. Long live the short category.



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