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"Revolting Rhymes" review

This one was a fun one. I don't know. So "Revolting Rhymes" is an adaptation, I expect, of the first part of the book. I haven't read the book, so I don't know. This is just the first part of the one I'm just starting now.

Revolting Rhymes  wolf Dominic West

Okay, so "Revolting Rhymes" is it kind of felt to me a little bit like what if ... I'm aware that the book is older, but it feels a little bit like the Marvel strategy almost. It takes place in a fairytale world, and it's narrated. A babysitter runs into the  a wolf in a trench coat, who narrates the stories of the two deaths of his nephews, Rufus and Rex. With this, it intertwines the famous ones, "Little Red Riding Hood," "Snow White," "The Three Pigs."

Revolting Rhymes rex

Dominic West plays the wolf. Let's see. And a bunch of other English actors, who I suspect are very good, but I've never really heard of.

In the screening I saw, this was the clear crowd favorite. This was the one people were really into. It's the longest by far of the ones I saw. It's also about the friendship. Roald Dahl is somewhat hardwired into my brain to like. as a kid I've never read his books, but anything I've ever but I like them immensely now. I wasn't even really that big of a fan of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," which is odd to me, I guess. I don't know, that feels atypical of a childhood. "Look at me, I'm a special little person." Whatever. Whatever.

Revolting Rhymes red  Rufus

I don't know. I like this. This one was fun. It was witty and funny and all the things you kind of want a Roald Dahl thing to be. I guess it was computer-animated. It felt really not computer-animated. I thought there was a second part to it because I'd be really angry if there wasn't a second part to it because ... Although I liked it a lot. Now, definitively knowing that there's a second part to it makes me happier because I realize it was mostly set up in exposition in a lot of ways.

Little Red Riding Hood in it because she just skins the wolves

There's just some great bits to it. We don't get to see the deaths, but we are confirmed definitively of the deaths of a bunch of people and the two wolves. I liked Little Red Riding Hood in it because she just skins the wolves and starts wearing their pelts around, which is great. Dominic West is really cool as the wolf narrator. He's like intense and creepy in a good way.

In the screening I went to, this was the clear crowd favorite. People were really into this one. That's great. I'm very excited to see the second part of it. That's a thing I'm looking forward to very, very much.

the enargy.jpg

There's a thing I want to talk about. (my mom also thought this) I guess they were just friends, but I kind of thought, for a little bit, Snow White and Red Riding Hood, I thought there might have been a slight hint of a romance there because they do give like long looks, I don't know. It's pretty obvious by the end of the first one that they aren't. I guess they're just good friends, and I'm just gonna go with that, but I wouldn't have objected otherwise.

Revolting Rhymes  Snow White and Red Riding Hood

I really like this one. This might have been my favorite one that I saw at the screening. I liked all of them. They're all quite fun and sweet things. I would definitely give this a recommend. You know what, I'm just gonna go out on a limb and watch both of them. You'll have a fun time, and this is a fun movie and was probably the favorite one I saw there. Yeah, solid recommend for "Revolting Rhymes," directed by Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer.


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