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Negative Space Review

Directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwuhata. This one kind of hit me a little bit, just because I'm prepping for a trip, for a very long trip in my life. And it'll be the longest I've ever been away from my home, and you know, it's a very exciting thing and a very scary thing. But I'm really looking forward to it. So, I'm thinking about his father who was a traveling salesman, and you know, the lessons he taught him through luggage. And I want to start off with, the opening little bit is ... You know what? Honestly? It's really good advice. Like, they gave me some hints about how to pack for the thing. Like, it never occurred to me like belts should go around, and stuff like that. That's smart. You know, so it's rare to just get that, so that's good.

Negative Space short

The film itself is melancholy and funny and great in that way that stop motion often is, and everybody broke down at like the final scene of just how funny that was. It's one of those more bulbous like stop motion things, which I find I have mixed thoughts on. I don't know totally what to think about that. It was very bulbous white looking stop motion things, and I'm not ... like dolls and ... I love stop motion, I'm not, I'm very mixed with those and I don't know totally, just to say ... I guess this reveals me as not a I don't find it totally visually appealing, but there's some just great shots in this. There's one where he's lying and the luggage feels like ... luggage goes on like a wave and that feels very apt. I don't know.


I feel connected to this film, and I like it quite a bit, and I'm going to recommend it. Part of it, it hit me just a little bit close to home, especially where I am in my life, and I'm talking too much about myself, but ... The son in it starts packing for his father eventually, because he knows how to pack, and he feels very connected, in a way, to his father. Like everything his father wore represents him in some way. And that feels honest to me.

negative space short oscor review

This is a very ... if you watch a lot of the anime shorts, which I do every year ... I try and watch all the shorts, because nobody does, and I feel it's important to look at that. And they're often the most exciting thing you can do when watching the Oscars, is watch the shorts, 'cause you'll really see stuff you don't normally see. And it's quite a lot of fun, so I would recommend it even though if it bums you out sometimes. Being bummed out can feel good.

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