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Final Space Review

Final Space

Produced by Conan O'Brien and starring multi-hyphenated Olan Rogers as Gary. A space prisoner who Which is like a regular prisoner but in space, who finds a cute little green alien creature, who he calls Mooncake and decides he's going to protect him no matter what. Steven Yeun, Tom Kenny, Fred Armiston, and David Tennant are all in it, this show. Weirdly Fred Armiston is credited first in the show It's probably because It's alphabetical yeah. Sean, big moron


Final Space  Gary avacdo

But anyways, so this is So, a few things popped up in my head while watching this. First, is we're definitively in the post Rick and Morty period of adult animation because, not only is the style very similar, so much so that I'm wondering if it's the same studio. I'm not totally sure about that. The humor is very, not a direct analog, but let's say related to Rick and Morty. I'm gonna compare the show a lot of Rick and Morty.

Final Space  rick and morty

I'm gonna get off the bat right now and say that I like the show. I'm giving it a solid recommend. Oh my gosh, a solid recommend from me. It's like, I'm a critic, but I only really watch things I'm interested in and that I have a tendency to like, shocking. So, I've never really this before about Rick and Morty talking a lot about another show in my review of Final Space but, I'm gonna get to it because I found Rick and Morty mostly the third season to be maybe the single most frustrating season of television ever, and I don't know what to say about that. I still found it really funny, but I also found it exceptionally frustrating, and I'm not I think it's because I felt totally marooned by the philosophy Rick and Morty has, and the very It's almost so nihilistic that I don't know what to do with it.

Final Space  avacado

So, watching this show has been a pretty fun pallet cleanser because Final Space, despite the very rubber horse animation style that's going on Clearly plays the space faring stuff more seriously. It's definaetly a comedy, and definitely a very loose improvising comedy sort of thing. The main character Gary is He's not even an idiot, but he's more He's kind of stupid, but he's more eccentric, if that makes sense. He's also gone a little crazy for being alone in space for the past five years. You know, however you want to define that. This show I feel is more sincere about it, whereas Rick and Morty was very self aware about it. I actually kind of find that refreshing in a lot of ways. You know, if anything its like if you crossed...

quinn Final Space space dude

Oh boy, heres the pull quote that, I'm just gonna say it. I hate myself for this. This is so irritating what I'm about to say, but TBS please, I'm sucking up to you so badly. Please quote me. Please quote me because I'm building this quote just for you buddy. I'm on hands and knees. I'm saying buddy. I can be a good critic. I can give you what you want. It reminds me a lot of ... It's kind of like what would happen if you cross Rick and Morty with Guardians of the Galaxy. Because Guardians of the Galaxy, despite all of very comedic trappings is still sincere like Space Opera. This feels like a ... This feels like that.

Final Space  mooncake

Mooncake is yes, very cute and the animation is actually, like, really good. Which, is probably partly why I'm thinking it's probably the Ricky and Morty team or studio because the animation is very good. It's very pretty in style. It's very pretty in certain spots. There's one scene with Mooncake with the astroids running at them that really is good, and I enjoy it a lot. I wasn't sure who David Tennant was. I'm pretty sure he's the main villain, the lord commander. If that is true, boy his American accent has gotten a lot better, you know?

Final Space   Olan Rogers as Gary avocado  geawn   mooncake

TBS has gone to interesting places in the past few years I find. When I first started watching TBS I was like oh, the Seinfeld channel. Besides the obsessive over playing of Big Bang Theory I don't watch live T.V anyways, but besides that, I've liked a lot of it's original shows. You know of course Conan but, Search Party has been one of the best shows that was on television and this is a good show and could be even great latter on.

Final Space  Olan Rogers as Gary Fred Armiston Kevan mooncake

There's a scene at the end of episode two where their falling and I really The color in that is just fantastic. I didn't miss anything, and you could really see it with the color mixing in the show is good. It's a very It's not It's very red, orange, and purple like. Well, we've seen the second episode. I find that looks very good.

Final Space

Do I have any criticisms about this? I have one. It's not a huge one, but I'm gonna criticize it anyways because I didn't find it funny every time they did it. So, I want to mention it. Gary has a catch phrase and it's, oh my crap, and it's there. It sits there. It's fortunately short enough that the And there's usually a few decent jokes around it that it feels You kind of forget about it, but that's a thing I don't like.

final sapce

So, yeah. If you want maybe a slightly more sincere version of Rick and Morty a funny like action comedy space show that has more than one joke in it Cough The Oreville cough. Check this out. You'll have a good time.

Note: watched the first two episodes for review.

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