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Happy Death Day review.

Jessica Roth  Happy Death Day

Interesting new developments in the film world, I guess. The first being that ... I guess it's officially okay to try the 'character wakes up and repeats one day, every day' trope. Which is both good and bad. It's lead to a really good movie, The Edge of Tomorrow; some movies that looked really bad so I didn't bother seeing them; Naked; and this movie, which I want to talk about, Happy Death Day. It is written by the greatest comic book writer of all time, Scott Lobdell, whose great achievements in comic books include the brilliant idea of giving Roy Harper a hat.

happy death day babby guy

I like this movie actually, quite a bit. I don't know. The past few days I've been just seeing movies to see them, you know. This one sounded kind of goofy, and dumb. It's produced by Blumhouse. It's about a character named Tree, which I hate, but I'm going to accept, who, on her birthday, keeps getting killed, and wakes up every day on the same day after she gets killed. Doesn't sound like something that would work, right? I mean, maybe release this 10 years ago. I guarantee you they focus pretty much on the excruciating deaths over and over again. This is the new glorious, post Babadook World.

Sideline. Post Babadook World is where horror movies can get nominated for best picture, and best director. It's an interesting new world is what I'm saying.

Happy Death Day  Jessica Roth

Jessica Roth plays the main character, and I found her exceptionally charming in the role. And another guy, Israel Broussard played her love interest. She is kinda of a mean person and over the course of dying all the times becomes a much nicer person. It is is almost Buddhist; I mean she has to keep dying to achieve enlightenment There's a clear character development where she starts not hating everybody.

Happy Death Day

And the whole time, it's a fun movie. I hate to blow up a desk - pretty funny. The jokes mostly work, and the characters are likable. It's what you call a well made movie, from Mr Roy Harper in a hat. And the director is the real hero, the director Christopher B. Landon, who wrote all the Paranormal Activity movies. Wow, okay, this guy wrote Zombie Apocalypse. Oh, it's just a collection of people I like. And the music was by Bear McCreary, who did the music for Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, and The Walking Dead. All cool, all cool, cool, people.

Happy Death Day what is this i dont know

So if you want like a fun movie that doesn't really take itself super, super seriously, you could definitely do worse than Happy Death Day. That sounds like a back handed compliment. It is not. It's a movie I found quite charming, and I wrote that already, so, all in all a positive review from Sean.


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