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Sherlock Frankenstein review.

I have to wonder if this entire spin off ... We'll get into that. Was solely conceived by the simple fact that Jeff Lemire came up with a really sweet name for a character and then he had to conceive a whole idea just to use it. Because if I had come up with that name, I would've dedicated myself intensely to try and use it in some place.

Sherlock Frankenstein

In Sherlock Frankenstein, unsurprisingly, it's not about Sherlock Frankenstein. It's about Lucy Weber, daughter of the superhero Black Hammer, who him and his superhero team have mysteriously disappeared and Lucy Weber has decided she's gonna investigate what happened. And her conclusion? Locate her father's arch nemesis, Sherlock Frankenstein.

So it's a detective story, which I love, of course. And it plays into a recurring theme ... I don't really have an objection to it but it's an interesting thing I've noted. A lot of superhero books that aren't mainstream superhero books, and there aren't really that many, but any superhero books that aren't about the main guys, tend to be able older superheroes, and I always find that an interesting thing. That made me wonder if it's common, on superheroes and the nature of them. Like Alan Moore does this a lot, and what? Are you saying a modern comic book is influenced by the work of Alan Moore, That's crazy. That's just insane. That never happens. Anyway.

So like every Jeff Lemire there will always be one panel outline that will blow you away. And this is no different. It's fundamentally a search through peoples' lives, looking back on it, and how ... The story is largely about how people desperately need ... Often in a romantic context, because all of the main characters that she's met so far as defined in some way by their romance with each other or with their loved ones. I guess in the end, what it's really about is family.


I mean, if you look at somebody like, say, Cthu-lu which is another name that I love and is great and I'm exceptionally envious that I did not think of that. He was a normal plumber that got turned into a very Cthulhu-like person who has a daughter who has a squid head like him. And the daughter is Cthu-louse by her mother and it's a bit sad. And Cthu-lu, he's just one of the vaguely saddest things I saw in the comics. Not vacantly just like, aww. Nevermind.

There's the Metal Minotaur who, in the end, the Black Hammer and her grew closer together after she nearly died. One of the interesting things this whole story's been about is how villains are these complex characters, which, I guess, with sympathetic backstory there's even simply to a certain person that I don't want to talk about. But anyways. One thing I always like about Jeff Lemire is that he's a very nice person and his comics are about, fundamentally, people trying to do what they think is right. Most of the time.

So anyways, about the spin-off thing that I can't surprisingly write up but totally got distracted with. I didn't realize this and I guess this is stupid of me. But I didn't realize this, but whatever. I thought it was just flavor text because the whole title series is The Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil Force versus the Legion of Evil from the pages of Black Hammer.

Sherlock Frankenstein fighting Ignatius van Helsing

I thought the, from the pages of Black Hammer, was just flavor text for  I thought the idea was it's this meta series or something. I don't know. I didn't think Black Hammer really existed. I thought it was like a fictional series that was created. It's from the pages of Black Hammer. The assumption is we all knew what Black Hammer was and it was Like it's a superhero story with decades Anyways. I don't know why I thought. It turns out it's literally just a spin off of a comic book series he wrote called Black Hammer. I'll probably get around to looking at that at some point, because I really like this. If you need a good comic then check out Sherlock Frankenstein. It's just a great name, man. I'd give you a full recommendation just on the name if you want.

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