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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode Two - Dylan's Decision!

Dylan looked out at the endless ocean and came to a very important decision, one so       important that she felt she needed some prepared remarks to properly announce the decision. So she took a pen that the ship’s lifeboat had in its emergency rations and wrote a few things down on a life bar wrapper. She thought it was brilliant, beautiful, all the great words that you need. She stood up in her life preserver and looked out at the ocean and said, “I have decided to die.”

It was then that a gust of wind came and blew away the slip of paper with her written remarks on, and it was eaten by a turtle.


After what she figured must have been about 200 thousand years stuck at sea, approximately, she figured it was time to end it all. So she slowly walked out into the water, until she heard a voice behind her.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea," said the voice.

Looking over she saw a young man in a suit. “Okay, go, go. I’ve clearly gone crazy,” she said.

“Really, that’s neat. Do I have six heads or something?”

“Wait, you’re real?” she said.

“Yes, well as real as anybody can be.”

“Oh thank God thank God I’m saved that’s good, What are you doing out here?” said Dylan.

“May I make a suggestion? How about we have this conversation a little further out there?”

“What, what?” said Dylan.

“Because there’s a giant sea monster right over there that’s about to rise up and kill us.”

Wouldn’t you know, a giant sea monster suddenly appeared right out of the ocean.

“What, what. What’s that?” she asked.

“A sea monster,"  he said.

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