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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode Four - A Mine!

“Why are we not moving?” said Dylan.

“Oh I know what it is, the safety system is not letting us because there’s a blockage in front of the boat. It really is just a minor problem," said Jay.

"What, dying?" said Dylan.

The sea monster was getting too precariously close for Dylan and Jay’s taste, so they both looked at the blockage in front of the boat. It was an old World War II mine. Dylan thought for a hot second. She thought through the consequence of this – how terrible it would be to be eaten by a sea monster, which she assumed did need clarification, but the horror of it was really hitting her.

She thought, and then said, (which was rare for her) “What if we throw the mine at the monster?”

“Yes, yes, let’s do that,” said Jay.

So Dylan quickly ran out to the bow.

“How do we move a mine?” Dylan said. “How do we get the monster to eat it?”

The sea monster was super, super close - way too close.

“I know,” said Jay.

He carefully put the boat in reverse, getting closer to the monster. The monster backed away and positioned itself right next to the mine, and just as Jay was about to hit the discharge button that would get them out of this situation Dylan called, “Wait.”

The monster inched closer and closer. It jumped up in the air getting ready to descend on Jay and Dylan, blocking the sun totally and completely.

Dylan said, “Now go,” and they quickly sped out from the mine, just being missed by the sea monster who went face first into the mine, setting it off.

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