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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode Five - Something Inexplicable and Strange!

Dylan quietly dangled her arms over the ship until nightfall hit. She looked at the waves; she thought about how there must be a million of little things living in the water. Jay tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey,” Jay said.

Dylan slowly sat down on the deck. Jay joined her.

“I was wondering how you ended up there,” he said.

“My ship was hit by a … um … by a….," Dylan shrugged her shoulders.

“Something inexplicable and strange,” said Jay.

Dylan touched her nose, then pointed at Jay.

“Super common in these parts. Number two cause of death around here is ship sunk by something inexplicable and strange,” said Jay.

“What’s number one?”

“Heart disease.”

“Oh,” said Dylan.

The waves calmly worked at their endless task behind them as both groped for something to say. Then it hit Dylan, what needed to be asked. It hit her all at once, the things that should have really been her first questions.

“Where are we? Who are you? What is going on? Am I dead?”

“No. We’re headed to land. Jay Ketch," said Jay Ketch.

He then got up and went to the very tip of the ship.

“Now I can ask you a question. Why were you on that ship?”

Dylan looked at Jay the way barracudas look at plankton that annoy them.

“It was my gap year.”

“You were looking to find yourself, were you not?” said Jay.


The color of the sea and stars seemed to shift at Jay’s command to make a never-before-seen shade of beautiful green.

“Then this is where you will find that because you landed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” said Jay. He then hard-swiped his hand across the horizon. 

“An endless adventure,” he said as they crashed into a peer.

“We’re here."

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