Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 9 - The Sharks Surround Them!

The sharks surrounded Eliza and Dylan. This was it, Dylan thought. She was going to die a terrible, painful death. Then just like that, once again as the shark swam closer and closer, her survival instinct kicked in. She remembered the documentary she had seen and hit the shark square in the nose. The shark screamed, went over, cuddling, to Eliza. Eliza had very angry eyes under the water. She grabbed the shark, then grabbed Dylan. The shark swam up to a further reach of the shore where a bunch of bars were.

"What was that," said Eliza.

“A shark was coming at me. I hit him in the nose; it was pretty brave," said Dylan.

“They're domestic sharks. They're as soft and cuddly as any dog could be. Whatever you didn't know, your implied apology is accepted,” said Eliza.

Eliza pulled her up and they landed at the grossest, most terrible, awful, bar - Penelope's - the center of the desperate person's universe.

Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 10 - Jay and Eliza!