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The Golden Raven Returns Chapter Three

Blue had a list of people that he thought would make a good team. Veterans of the super hero world. Maybe not the most famous or flashy of people, but good people who knew exactly how to do.

There was people like Jeffrey, who never bothered coming up with a name, but who knew almost every language.

"Why would we want somebody like that? We want defensive people."

"It sounds off, but Jeff's a good guy. And more than once we have fixed the situation with pure diplomacy, just through his communication skills. It cuts down on problems and we can really do a lot more good work with a guy like him."

"I don't know, this doesn't seem like a good pick for me."

"Okay." There was, of course, also the medic. A powerful, mystical healer that Blue knew. Leo seem disconsolate about that. "No, we won't be doing that."

"Listen, Mr Flanders, I've been doing this for a while, and I know that what everybody looks at is the big flashy guys. But the most important part is to assist people. If we get that, the flashiness will help."

"Can I show you my collection of weapons?"


They walked through the damp caves, through all the unknown and through the giant dinosaur, the penny, which were paid-for recreations of Batman's lair. And eventually they came across ... They hit the armory. Leo, for the first time, cracked a small smile.

"I was very proud of this collection. It took me a while to find each and every one. You recognize most of these don't you?"

He did, Blue knew them from sight. They were some of the most famous weapons in existence. There was the heretic's laser gun which could melt through anything. And there was lesser-known ones, but infamous ones just the same. All fantastical super-villain weapons, you know the stuff you've seen a million times before. And then there was a small little pistol.

"What's that one?" said Blue.

"Oh, this belabors the point, but it was the gunsmith's favorite gun. It looked small and delicate, but in truth it could blow a hole through an elephant's hind. It was quite a rare find, my aunt disapproved of these things."

"She was not a fan “

"When you…Oh."

Blue nodded. Blue learned ago that most people just wanna talk, and if you just nod and talk, mostly people will like you.

"Tell me, tell me Blue When your parents were killed, what did you first do?"

"I backpacked around for a while." Said Blue.

"I should have done that but I was only 12 when they were killed. I came here. I didn't speak for six months after that. It was right in front of me, you know. And my aunt, she sent me away to boarding school for most of my childhood, you see."

"Oh, that must have been hard." said Blue.

"No, no, it was fine, it was good. Tough times, but it made me strong and dedicated,"

"About the people that you want to bring in, I've already hired a team." said leo

"Oh, okay."

"Team, come in."

And out walked five teenagers all dressed in somewhat tight clothing which Blue thought was conspicuous because the tight clothing trend had disappeared in the late '80s really, but maybe Spandex had gone back into fashion, Blue thought.

"This is Meercat." There was a small fast-looking young lady. This is Stone Glome. There was Meercat, who was a small fast-ish, 16. There was Stone Glome who like Blue, with a big broad side of beef. Again with a young man. then there was Acid and Basic who were twins, who could melt stuff with their minds.

"This will be your new team. Enjoy them," said Leo.

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