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The Golden Raven Returns Chapter Six

It was proving hard for Blue to stand up straight during this fight. It turns out when you make the floor slippery, it's somewhat hard to get a good fight in.

He could see it now, his former Legion of Justice members all looking down at him. Losing against the fricking Banana Peel? Of all people?  The Banana Peel got beat up by a 10 year old at one point. This was a low. This was a huge, huge low. It was even worse when meerkat fell and broke her nose. But Blue, through moving slowly and delicately, eventually got to the Banana Peel and brought him down with one slap.

“Okay, everybody. You did good today. Go back to the base.”

The presidium was clean as it ever could be with a bunch of rambunctious young super heroes loudly playing their video games when Leo knocked on the door. Blue looked momentarily surprised for a second, he hadn't seen Leo in a little bit. His eyes looked vaguely dead-ish. Blue didn't even really see the gun when Leo shot him.

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