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The Golden Raven Returns: Chapter Four

Blue sat in quiet, calm regard as his younger team mates chatted excitedly. "Oh my God. It's time, it's time to do this," said Meerkat, who was practically vibrating with excitement.

Stone Golan who, although was moving with the energy of a nun but was a ton-of-muscle individual, said, "Yeah, man. Yeah. Yeah. I just can't believe it; it's finally happened. I did it. I wanted to be a hero and I'm out."

Blue was charmed and relieved. He felt a nostalgia, like he was truly going home to where he belonged. He got up from his seat and went to Leo's private cabin. He knocked on the door.

"Come in Blue." It was as stately as his home and it was bigger than any apartment that Blue had ever lived in.

"Thank you."

The real sight was Leo and his dark ... oh, right ... and his blue uniform. He'd never seen it, but it was thick, richly detailed in armor, every inch of it covered with some plating or a belt, with even mini pouches to contain everything. It was a sight to behold. It felt though, off, as Leo was laying down on the couch in the private room, playing, his feet up, snorting some cocaine.

"Are you excited?"

"Yes sir, I'm very excited for today. The Steelers are a tough group. I remember facing them a few years ago and they were vicious then and I can only imagine that they've gotten more vicious now," said Blue.

"Good. Yes, I've read that they have great power," said Leo as he snorted a little bit of cocaine and then handed it over to Blue. Blue was apprehensive at first, but he was nervous he would insult Leo, who was giving him this fantastic opportunity, so he gladly took some.

He really wanted to do some more of it. As he did it, the A-wing landed with a hard thwomp. It was time. The team walked out to see the shell shredders destroying a small village. The shell shredders were a group of mutant turtles who were notoriously fast and vicious villains. Right now they were being hired as mercenaries by a local government to keep a possible communist revolution in check. The team moved quickly, each one moving in perfect unison. Stone Gargoyle was hitting strong and fast; the Meerkats were hitting weak and less strong, but much faster. The team was doing good.

Blue was in his element again. As the team fought and bled against the Shell Shredders, Leo stood quietly. He had enough tech on him that he could obliterate the Shredders easily, but he just stood, the sweat gathering around. When the fight ended, there were some bruises, but the battered team was excitedly chatting amongst themselves. Leo didn't do anything. He went back to his cabin and sat, still in full regalia.


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