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The Golden Raven Returns Chapter Five

The bank was old and musty. It was barely guarded. Barely guarded and little discussed. It couldn't have had more than $20,000 in the vault. An old man. who haven't been seen in the superhero world in 20 years," started melting through the safe. People must have been curious why he was even bothering with it. He didn't need the money. Is it just a thing sometimes old super villains do? Needing to get back into the game, as it were? Who knows? But we know how he was stopped. When the Leo, the blue raven appeared, in full glory.

"Stop," he said, in his normal flat affecting. It was a few solid swipes and hits but the raven managed to break him down with relative ease. The townsfolk applauded politely and they took his picture that says "Hero" in a major They took his picture and he was in the front page of the Utica Gazette.

Leo walked back into the A-wing and sat down with his teammates. They all paraded around him, saying, "Good job! Good job! Good job!"

"See, I told you that you'd have to let an old pro handle some of these things," he said to Blue, who was drinking a beer.

Leo and Blue both sat in the plane. Leo had taken to living inside the plane constantly waiting for a super villain to occur so he could defeat him. He knew now since he defeated Dr. Acid that he was great. He and Blue had also started to do drugs more than they usually did and I have to say I felt so energized from this experience said Leo. Yeah said Blue who was pacing around nervously, It was then that a call came in. The giant lion. A 200 foot lion that was caught pacing around St. Louis. They quickly gathered the team and flew off to St. Louis.

As the team was about to go out Leo stopped them. Do not worry, I can handle this. I defeated Dr. Acid by myself. I can surely take this person. As he went out a meerkat looked at Blue.

“We paid Dr. Acid was paid”she said as Leo left but the fight went wrong. Leo wasn't really ready and Leo was badly damaged. Hurt in the fight. They took him to the hospital and the doctor pronounced it quite simply that there's no way that Leo could continue doing this. Especially not at his age and with his health. In the hospital Leo refused to talk to anybody and he shut himself alone in his room again for a long time.

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