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The Golden Raven Returns Chapter Two

The place was a finely decorated country mansion. It was the type of home that Blue could never see himself live in for a million years. Every chair, every bench, every ascot was over 100 years old. The couches were all of a fine, delicate flower pattern, and to sit on them didn't feel comfortable, but felt old.

He had been waiting in the room for a good 20 minutes as the clocks all ticked in perfect unison. It was then that the quiet and astute butler opened the door. Leo, an old broad-shouldered man came in. Blue stood up to shake his hand. The old man looked him indirectly in the eye.

"Blue, it's good to meet you," he said sitting down, his voice slightly lilting.

"You too," said Blue.

"I was a fan of your work back when you were The Impossible Man."

"Oh, thank you again, Mr. Flanders."

"Please, Leo is my name. Do you know my story?"

Blue struck around trying to figure out the best way to delicately put it. In his experience, people don't like it when you bring up the dead parents - or them being murdered in front of their eyes.

"It's alright to say it. It was long ago. Did you ever hear of my full story? The rumors surrounding me," said Leo.


 "I have a secret to reveal to you," said Leo.

Blue was struggling for answers. In honest, he hadn't. He didn't know what he was talking about, exactly.

"Most people know me as a wealthy industrialist, but in the night, I have a secret, much like you. I had a more unusual hobby. They used to call me. I was also a last adventure."

"Oh!" Said Blue, legitimately shocked. You always hear about these rich guys. You always hear about, occasionally, these guys popping up, who seem to have all the tech.

"But did you ever hear of Golden Raven?"

No, Blue had not heard of the Golden Raven, but he said, "Yeah. I have heard of him."

"Wonderful. I want you to come with me."

Leo had walked to the conspicuously large Cuckoo clock and had Blue open it.

Leo then pulled one of the knockers and, boom, suddenly a massive beautiful elevator opened, and they began to ride down. They went down the elevator in pure, terrible silence, as Luke desperately yearned to say something interesting or notable, and eventually, fumbled into ... "Why did you stop?"

"I haven't. I had to stop. She said I would have to stop or I would lose my mind. Oh, I've been living with them for 30 years, ever since my parents died. Oh. Right, yeah. It's okay."

The elevator finally stopped and opened and it was amazing. It was a candy store. Every single thing a superhero could want and need, like a crime tracking computer, forensic data, robots running around like crazy, doing all sorts of things.

"This is amazing."

"I want us to start the team together."

"I don't know about that," said Blue.

"Listen to me. You are  the impossible man. Your destiny is not to performing in those embarrassing shows you perform in. Your job is to be a superhero and I believe that with me we can truly do wonders."

Blue was quiet for a little bit. Eventually he thought, could he go back to it? He had lost so much the first time around. Could he do this? This place. It was huge. It was a huge cave, had rooms for all the superheros, a massive crime computer that made everything slightly cyclical, but it was there. Blue decided to do it right this time. He stuck out his hand to shake Leo's hand, but Leo batted it away and hugged him instead.

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