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Adventures in the Pirate Continent : Episode 24

Evansville, Ohio.  So were jumping around in time. Right now it might be confusing, but you're smart cookies. You could dance with all this, and this would be some good advise for Dylan. she was dancing kinda of to the music fats domino she was for a second thier in the cramped littil club and no ware else then seemly out of thin air she saw this boy who was looking at her seems nice. I mean, he has a biker jacket and the thick greasy hair of a sensitive artist, so while Dylan was making her mind up he caught her eyes. His eyes were filled  beautiful sexy pain as he carved thought the night club like he had wheels on his feet.

"Hey babe, the name's Razor," he said as he took out a switch blade comb. His hair made a slight crushing sound as it went through.

"Hey, to you the name's Dylan," said Dylan.

"Tell me Dylan, do you know who I am?" said Razor.

"A biker," said Dylan.

"Wrong. A biker. So what you say, baby? You got a classy chassis, so let's do so back seat bingo," said Razor with a smile that was now less handsome, and more like when a bear wears people's clothes and then finds salmon also wearing people's clothes. So she just ran away as fast as she could. She knocked over a bunch of people, but she got out of there as quickly as possible.

In twenty minutes of walking in the middle of the night all she wanted to do was listen to the nice man sing about blueberries.





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