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Adventures in the Pirate Continent : Episode 23 - an atomic bomb!

...they did.

The plane was great, fantastic. This was a once in a life time sort of plane, but they did not really account for the fact that the sky pirates had an atomic bomb, and filled with a lot of treasure they flew the plane as far way as they could, saving thousand of lives but not their own.

Dylan had found their wills. She was determined to keep following them so she sold the condo so she had money now to fix the boat. She also followed their directions on how they wanted to be buried, which was in the fashion of Vikings. So she got some of the least irradiated ash and set them on fire.

No one would go to the funeral. She had tried to get people to come, but they didn't believe her when she told them what Jay and Elisa had done. She guessed that they were just not the most popular of people. So in the middle of the night she took the boat out and headed for the next island, and when the stars were nice she sent a small raft out, although she missed the raft with their ashes on a few times.  When she finally got it lit she gave a little speech she had prepared:

"I didn't know you guys that well but you were nice to me. I hope you're in a better place..." She had more to say but the wind blew the speech out of her hands and it landed on Jay and Eliza's flaming raft.

So she pulled up a chair and just watched the pyre burn. As she had been doing lately, out of habit she fiddled with the locket Jay had given her. She had yet to open it, until tonight, when she hit the button by accident. When she saw what was inside she dropped it and fell over in her chair.

On the inside it read, "With mom and dad." On the picture there were four kids, two of whom had to be Jay and Eliza, and two older people who had to be their parents. If that were true, then why was one Dylan's father? 




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