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Adventures in the Pirate Continent : Episode 22! This amazing plan!

The funeral home once again was full of bullets. This was it, Dylan thought. She managed to beat off death this long, but her second chances looked to be over with. She had hoped that when it happened she would be brave and dignified and maybe she could get a funny last or two dig in, but that was not happening. She would just be shot by the planes of these sky pirates. Dylan just did what was the most logical thing in the world, and tired to flip over the coffin. It proved to be too heavy, so she just lay there exhausted.

Eliza saw Dylan laying down next to her, and when Jay saw her he did the same.

"Glad to see you're alive," said Jay.

"Lot of good it did us," said Dylan.

"Dylan love, don't worry, okay? Me and Jay have been through this type of thing before," said Eliza.

"Yea, we have this amazing plan," said Jay.

"Really?" said Dylan, raising an eyebrow. She heard stuff like this before; she had done stuff like this before, and the only thing she got through that was barley. And let's admit it, a real deus ex machina. But the plane was amazing and shrewd and all good words that mean smart, and it really showed how well Jay and Eliza knew each other. Boy Dylan picked right up after hearing them explain how in this plane all she had to do was guard the door.

Dylan got up and went right to the door, and as Jay and Eliza with twinkles in their eyes ran out the door, for a brief second she heard nothing. Then Jay quickly came running back in.

"Hey, um, there is something I wanted to give you for awhile," said Ja.

He pulled out a pocket locket.

"U, there's a lot to talk about with this, so don't open it 'til I get back. Okay?" said Jay.

"Sure. Good luck," said Dylan.

" Don't need it," said Jay with a little wink.

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