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Okay Melissa You're Doing Fine : Chapter 3 Run With The Wolves

What is next, lunch with your sister? You can handle that, Cody is great-ish. Is that Mike! A friend from the acting community, Mike is a gentleman’s gentleman, a great person, from the acting community here in Vancouver that I do know much about. Of course, there are rumors.

"Hello, Mike," I said.

"Hello Melissa. What an honor and a privilege it is to see you. How are you with the treading of the boards?" said Mike.

"Fine. I do excellently, as can be expected."

"Of course, of course. Melissa, Melissa. I want to confide something in you. I have learned to speak wolf, for a role," said Mike.   

Also, Mike is kind of crazy.

"Aah. What a fascinating thing to have learned how to do," I said.

"Yes, Melissa. Truly it is fascinating. Now I believe this is role is one of the most important works I have done, besides starring in that web series, Old, Crazy Grandpa, where I played the title character of The Old, Crazy Grandpa. You see, I learned it for a role where I would be interacting with wolves, many of them."

"A role where you interact with wolves?" I said.

"Yes. a director that had just wandered into town. He has a fascination with wolves. Would you like me to get you an audition for him? He is looking for new people," said Mike.

"I would love to audition for the man who is filming a movie that requires you to learn to speak wolf," I said.

"Melissa, the moment I spotted you, I knew we were kindred souls of some persuasion and it will be an honor to get you this position. Expect my call," said Mike.

And I turned away for a second and there I was, alone in the mean streets of Vancouver, Canada, which is where I am. I don't know if I've mentioned that part. I live there. You know, it's not as crowded as Los Angeles and they do a lot of filming up here, even major Hollywood movies. You know, so I thought, "Why not?" (Also, I’m from here) I didn't give Mike my number I realize now.

Also, the fact that Mike says he can speak to wolves is a crazy thing, right? Yes, a totally crazy thing. But then again, Mike has appeared in more crazy things than you could believe. Why, he's been in everything from Spielberg movies to smaller movies. Not major parts, mind you, but he got a line in a Spielberg movie. That was a big deal. Until smaller movies like, you know, the Tom Cruise film The Minority Report. Wait. That was also a Spielberg film. Okay, I've only ever seen him in one movie. So, on to lunch with my sister.

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