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Okay Melissa You're Doing Fine : Chapter 8 Self-Help


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” said my sister Cody


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” said Cody in response in response to my response

“your alive” said Cody

Unlike me a noble thespian Cody was into the punk music and was in band called a collection of sounds or was one I forget it would it would still be true if the latter I guess

“so how long I was out” I said

“just a few hours” said cody

“cool are we on boat” I said

“oh that its this whole thing” said cody

Okay Melissa your doing fine your on boat nothing bad happens on boat

I mean, you're with your sister. Nothing bad ever happens when you're with your sister. Stop lying to yourself, you filthy, filthy liar! You know very well many bad things happen with your sister around. So here's the deal with Cody. Her band, A Collection of Sounds ... I'm still not sure if that's the name of it or ... I should ask her at some point, but I feel like she's told me so many times. And I keep forgetting it.

Anyways. Is not necessarily famous for their music ... around Vancouver. In fact, their music ... The band often has trouble playing their music in any sort of place, because the band is known as famous for being the band that accidentally starts fires at every show they ever play at. Why is this exactly? Well, for a variety of reasons. They used to have the song called, Yeah, Setting Off Fireworks in the Indoors, with lyrics like, I'm gonna really set off fireworks in the indoors right now, and well, you can follow that from there. They And then, well, the logical thing happens after that.

There was another incidence after I finally convinced her to drop that song which, let me tell you, was an argument in and of itself. Oh, my gosh! I guess she finally dropped it after one club at one club, she was caught under a fire beam for an hour. It's still all like gnarled and stuff, but you know, it's the life of the artist. Of course, it was after that that they started their new song, they premiered their new song ... Fire Juggling the Government. No, no, no. That's not how it's pronounced. It's called, The Government aka Fire Jugglers, which they also just lit off firecrackers. It's the only thing they knew how to ... started no fire!

So Cody is a bit of a let's say pyromaniac, and dangerous things happens when she gets plans. But I've never woken up in a boat before, and what I could conform now is in the middle of the ocean.

"Are we in the middle of the ocean, by the way, Cody?" I said.


See conformined

"Why are we in the middle of the ocean?"

" I mean it's just such a long story," she said. Okay, makes sense.

So that was that. And that was, yeah, I hope I do learn what the story is some day. Because as the days passed, and we kept seemingly sailing around and the weather got colder and colder as we seemed to be approaching the Arctic Circle, I was out on the porch one day, staring out at the weather, and Cody finally admitted it to me what the deal was

. "And okay, so, you know how, like, a band keeps having trouble security financing because we set fire to a few places by accident?" she said.

"You really have to stop doing those sorts of things," I said.

"Fair. Point taken! But listen, cool cat "You know how my band mate, Jeff, his dad is an eccentric billionaire eccentric billionaire Alistor Wainwright," said Cody.

"I did not know that."

"Well, oh, yeah, I never mentioned that to you. It's like this whole thing. Anyways, so Jeffrey was gonna go with dad on this research mission they had to the to the northern thing, to prove something or rather. I don't know. I don't really pay attention to what he's saying. Anyways, he was like, 'Do you wanna come along?' And I was like, 'Sure because that's like punk rock or something.'"

"I don't know if that is punk rock," I said.

"No, no, no. It's super punk rock. Trust me. I'm up to date on what is and what isn't punk and sailing to the Arctic circle is punk. Anyways, and I partly get it because to find an ancient viking ship with viking treasure," Cody said.

"I don't ... Why did he assume I wanted to do that?" she said. "Don't you remember? You know it was late. You know it was that entire month last year that you would sleep walk over to my place."

Note: Cody actually lives quite close to me. I didn't bring that up before, but she's a block away so it's not that weird. Anyways, that's what she would say. And you kept yelling at me, 'Cody, I have an extreme desire to explore an ancient Viking ship and find treasure. I believe that would be most enjoyable, and give me some sort of you know somthing' and then you would walk back home. And I was like for a month really so I was like, 'Okay. That sounds like a thing she wants to do so if an opportunity to comse up”

I was like, "What? Kat, that sounds awesome. Let's do that and can I bring my sister along who currently right now I just found out is in coma? And Jeff was like, 'Sure. No problem, man.' That is how we ended up here."

"That's I switched it around in my head for a little bit, you know, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to see if I liked video. I don't remember having an extreme desire for viking material, but then again I don't remember not having extreme desire for viking material."

"That's it ... was established in my head that this was the correct course of action."

"All right. Let's do it. Where is the viking ship?" I said.

"Oh, I don't know. Somewhere, I assume."

"You drag me all the way out here to go look at an ancient viking ship and you don't know where it is? Okay."

"Not really, but I'm sure we'll find one."

"Cody, that is the dumbest thing.

“We've been boarded by pirates.” Said someone I don’t know this a big ship with lots of pepole

 I wonder was there a point where I could have stopped this could I have just my life as a normal person What we know that I am right now in the middle of the ocean with my sister who once got into the fight with a very small dog, he was asking for thought she assured me  that the dog started it maybe I could have said no to the race, no that’s ridicules he challenged me to race and I will not look like a punk and don’t know the water is awfully beautiful maybe if could just kept holding on to that ax I could have been Viking

“hey I know that guy “she said pointing to one of the pirates

“really do think he would help us” I said

“na Jeff’s a jerk, I’m just saying, I know people” said cody who is waving to the guy he looked shoot her some finger guns eww

“well James Cameron we are here” said the clear leader of it because he was the tallest and was the one talking wait he is wrong about something Ill just mention it to him I’m sure he will take as nicely as a man who wishes to improve himself wait a minute I’m being a poor naive idiot he is pirate yep that will not turn out the best for me I will just be quite

“wrong ship idiot” said Cody

“what” said the caption wow he is flipping out like crazy so much that he is not noticting the side of the boat he just at the edge of it

“wait stop” I said darn I was to late to stop from falling into the water I do not think these guy are that on the ball

You know the say time happens all once everything going on for ever it is only the fact when I was sixteen tried to get around now the if you believe someone like my cemetery teacher Ms. Randel who would go on to win a noble prize and now is at Yale she would what I did was just smashing clocks ( so yea she was right) the point I am trying to make is that I could it fell for a brief seconded saw cody jumping into to save the pirate caption  Steve I’m learning from one the pirates a from a women yelling his name  I saw the blood the blood in the water I saw Cody jump in it this one part suck I hate this thing were Cody is just not coming up I have no idea what to say in that dam this part just keeps going then

Then the when they bopped up again it I breathed a slight sigh of relief they are quickly polled up  and Steve and the lady who yelled out Steve run up and kissed each other

“Rachel” said Steve

“I quit” said Rachel

“me also” said Steve

“but who shall lead us” said the crew all together like

“I know who shall lead” said Jeff ready for his moment in the sun

“me” said Cody

“really” I said as I leafted into the air like a bird I then laned on the water and with the trianing of the once grest dancer I bgian to dance on the ocean like a dream

"cut" said the drictor

"oky" I said

End Of Season One

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