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Okay Melissa You're Doing Fine : Chapter 6

The sign over the audition room had rather large block letters. The room of my visioning. And I walked in prepared to be amazed as I was with the rest of the house. But I am not amazed. This place sucks. Oh my God, what the hell is it? This is like every other audition room. This is weird. Super weird. Then there are a bunch of girls that look just like me. So I wait like 20 minutes and then I am called in, called in to audition.

There I was, and there was Junior, and an old corpse-looking man whom I assumed was Senior.

"Now have you received the lines for this?" asked Junior. "No, of course you have not. The project is of utmost secrecy. You will now receive the lines."

"Why did you ask me that then?" I said.

"Because I want to know if our secret force is sufficient enough," he said as he was walking over, handing me the script. I was finally able to see what a horrific project this would be, and just as I was reading the lines, the old man finally spoke in a thick, thick accent, from which country I couldn't tell. 

"This is from my soul," said the old man.

"I will do your words justice," I replied.

"I know that you will. Now read the first line."

I read the words on the page. "Oh my gosh, that dirty grandpa, been very dirty." And that was the only line on the page. There has to be more of them. Think. Look. Nope.

"Thank you for coming. We will call you."

That was it? This is ... That was all? I was expecting there'd be like monsters, or like at least a wolf. "What the hell is with you and the wolf?" I thought.

Oh right, I got to plant this bug. So I plant this bug, okay? Under the chair. Done.

Well, that was a half day wasted. Oh, I am but a speck of dust on the cruel wind of fate. This world seems random and arbitrary and I do not like it. I do not like it. There shall be some order to everything, some ideals that we all believe in.


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