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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 19 Like, Naw, Dog!

The set really was quite beautiful, and as Dylan ran through it, she saw the intricate details, like how each fake prop turtle had a unique shell design. It must have been a really beautifully intricate process that had taken years to accomplish - more years than any one human being could probably live. Although, she was less enthused by a lot of things about the set, including the fact that she didn't know how she got to the set, and that there was a crazy madman trying to kill her. Also, the new injustice that there was a large sun overhead that was being ridden by Glen Miller - not the Glen Miller who was screaming, "I'm riding the sun. I'm gonna kill you with this sun." Dylan was like, naw, dog, to that.

So, getting killed you know. Whatever. She kept running, just narrowly being crushed by the sun each and every time. And it was on the seventh time where her leg was just slightly scraped by the sun that an interesting and new thing happened. The moon appeared.

 "Glen, what are you doing?" Said a voice coming from the moon.

"She answered the phone Penelope," said Glen.

"So" And she ran the crescent moon right into the sun stopping it. And a hole opened in the bottom of the moon and a rope ladder was thrown out.

Dylan was appreciative of not being killed, so she climbed it and found a small well-appointed apartment with a strong muscle-builder lady standing in the middle of it. "Did the note not say to not answer the phone?" said Penelope.

"I didn't see no note," said Dylan.

"Oh. It doesn't matter now. Lay down on the couch. I know what you're thinking and don't even dare to question me on this. Lay down on the couch."

"No," Dylan thought.

"I know what you're thinking and don't you dare question me on this. Lay down on the couch now," said Penelope.  And Dylan just did that and the second she did that, she awoke to hear the sounds of Jay and Elisa laughing about something.

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