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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 18 The Trombone Player!

“Yes, it is Glenn Miller, the dread death dog, of the 87 seas of the pirate continent..”

“Excuse me," said Dylan, rudely interrupting Glenn Miller who once killed an entire town for doing that same thing.

“So, you're not the trombone player?” Said Dylan  

“You consider Glenn Miller to be just the trombone player? He did tons of other stuff. The trombone barely factors into what he was. He was the band leader and the composer,” said Glenn Miller.

“I'm more familiar with West Coast jazz," said Dylan. 

“Who’s familiar with West Coast jazz?”

"I am, you know. My mother once met Chet Baker," said Dylan .

“What was he like?”

 “Nice, apparently.”

“Good…...about this, map,” said Glenn Miller.

“What place?” said Dylan who had the gall to interrupt Glenn Miller again, and as he was about to summon the great beast that he had hidden under the ocean she had asked about his artist side, it would not be rude to edify her.

“Do you like it?” said Glenn Miller.

"It's neat."

"Yep, I built it. I had it designed for a play I was producing. You can keep going for about two years before you find the end of it," said Glen Miller.

“What type of play was it?” said Dylan.

“A romantic comedy. It got mixed reviews. They said to plot me in a love-megagon was self-indulgent.” He was really getting into it now. Nothing gets him mad like the very over-generous critics that went to his play. As he turned around to look at the fake sunset that he built he said, “Fools. They know nothing of true art!”

In Dylan’s old Improv team they now have a rule that says, "No matter what you do, do not sing 'Don't Stop Believing'." The reason they put that rule in was because whenever the team would get stuck they would start to sing that to give them some time to think of something new. It was cheap and irritating in retrospect. But they did win. And if Dylan was good at one thing, it was buying herself time to think of a plan. Like in getting Glen Miller to get so distracted by his own pontificating that she was able to run away from him.


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