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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 17 - Blackjack!

"Blackjack," Dylan said as she passed out.

Dylan woke to an impossibility. She was standing in the middle of the ocean. She could feel the waves beneath her feet. Yet, no matter what she did, she would not fall in.

She then went down and felt the ocean with her hand. It wasn't water. It was paint. She kept walking. She decided to run through it. She walked for about an hour on the painted ocean and she could still go on. There was no end to this thing.

She finally found an island. It was a classic with just one palm tree. Of course, it wasn't real either. The palm tree was fiberglass. Well, the sand was real.

Just as she was getting used to the realness of the sand, out of the water arose an angel being pulled up on a string, then several angels being pulled up by a seemingly thousand-mile-long wire. They were all carrying brass instruments. Then the music started playing. It sounded like Sinatra would sing in the Rat Pack bass. Hey.

Finally, out of the sand a man dressed in white sat up dusted the sand from his cloths an in vary relaxed cool guy lean said "Hello" His voice sounded like he on was the phone.

"Hi."  said Dylan

"You know, Dylan, it was so nice to talk to you a little while ago."

 "You were the man on the other end of the phone."

"YES I'm Glen Miller" the angels hit that big note then.

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