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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 21 - A Flash in the pan!

Port Allesandro has not been a fan of the sky pirates. Here is an editorial from The Port Allesandro Times about what is maybe real sky pirate testimony, cutting a swath through the pirate continent.

Dangerous buccaneers who have forgone the beautiful traditional sea for the bastardly devious air, Listen to this theoretical sky pirates' transcript: "Ya, I'm a sky pirate and I hate the sea. The sea sucks. I'm like, 'I don't get the sea.' I liken being in the air because in the air you can just go around wherever you want and you don't gotta worry about like depth and stuff 'cause the air is everywhere. That's why I like being in the air. The sea's lame."

Of course, that young punk is only 16 and he's already forgoing his bright future in the sea to be up in the air, which is a total flash in the pan.

Nobody in this part of the pirate continent is sure they've never met one of the sky pirates 'cause they all stay in the air and don't leave, but the bastards attacked just right as the funeral was happening, totally cutting off where Jay would've stepped down, and Eliza would've given her six hour eulogy.

The battle was fierce and pitched. Jay was like, "You can't. I'm not gonna let you interrupt the funeral of our best friend that we've known for over a week." Eliza was like, "Ditto, but I've only known her for a few hours." But in the end, they were able to successfully give the sky pirates what they wanted, which was the solid gold casket that they had bought for Dylan. Then they left, but, of course, the sky pirates always come back and finish the job. That's why Eliza was clutching her gun right at the point where we left off.

We are here at the Present time.

"Did you guys try anything? When you thought I was dead" said Dylan.

It was then more canon balls crashed in.

"No, not much," said Eliza.

"Oh," said Dylan.

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