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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 20 - Cutting a swath!

Dylan woke up to a room fresh with cannon balls.

"What? What's going on?"

"Sit down." Eliza, who was crouched in a corner, clutching a musket and let's just say that dressed to the nines, had a slight sudden shock to hearing Dylan speak.

"You're alive," said Eliza.

"You guys thought I was dead?" said Dylan.

"Yeah," said Eliza.

"Did you guys try anything?" said Dylan.

"Some things," said Eliza.

Two days erstwhile:

The Tiberias Funeral Home was the top funeral home throughout all of Port Alexandra. Only the richest robber barons and the swankiest and most deadly of pirates used Tiberias' Funeral Home. Jay and Eliza couldn't afford a place like his, which was so fancy that they had gold filigree mints that you could just take, but they didn't care.

To quote Jay's seven hour long eulogy, "Dylan was a light and life of this world." Neither of them had been able to stop crying for the two days and being as there was no, let's say, decent medical staff in Port Allesandro or really anywhere in this island, they figured Dylan was as good as dead and they would've lowered her into a traditional burial at sea if they had not been attacked by sky pirates. That's right, sky pirates, the threat that's been cutting a swath through the pirate continent. 

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