Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 12 The Origin of It All!

"Jay did you really find it." said Eliza

"Okay, so, here's the thing I'm wondering about and forgive me if I come off as ignorant, but what is the it you found," said Dylan.

Jay paused for a second and realized, oh yeah, he has said to her what the deal was. "The origin." He said as he got up on the table and looked into the far distance. "The origin of it all. The very first island that the human descendants evolved from and I think I know it's general location. It's the section that every, anytime I ask about going there, every person would just call me an idiot. I learned thousands of different language variations for idiot, "said Jay.

"I'll show that it's going to be a treasure I assume," said Eliza.

"Yes Presumably, there will be some sort of treasure, So, what do you say folks? Do you wish to find the origin of human?” said jay

"Eye," said Eliza. as she stabbed the map with the location.

"Why would you do that? That's my only copy," said Jay.

"Oh, sorry. " said Eliza. as he slowly but surely removed the knife so it would be perfectly safe.

"It's an old delicate map. That's the only way we're gonna find it." Said Jay

"I said I was sorry" said Eliza.

"Well, apology accepted." said Jay


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