Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 11 Advertec Collage!

Jay looked like a corpse as heordered other drink.

“well I went the adverteach collage to see Professor Dante who was only like a father to me” said jay

"us" said Eliza

"sorry us so I went to Advertec Collage" said Jay

Advertec Collage

"Professor Dante. Professor Dante," screamed Jay as he entered the vaulted adverteach university. He looked around. He didn't see the gray wise beard of Professor Dante. He did see Professor, the much older gray wise beard of Professor Alister.

“Professor Alister, ware’s Professor Dante?” Said jay

“Oh, he died” said Professor Alister

“ oh…  well I've been surveying for him for the past three years.” Said jay

“he died.” Said Alister

“Why, was, I not contacted?”

“Oh, we assumed you were dead.”

"They canceled that survey." Jay said as he nursed a shot at the bar. Dylan looked around.

Penelope’s Pub

“I saw a girl my age who was walking six Bengal tigers I asked her, why was she walking six Bengal tigers she said she was a tiger walker I found that, that..” said Dylan.

Advertec Collage

“It took me two years of searching, I found it Out here in the one unchartered section that I got no responses to. I found it Professor Alister.” Said jay

“Oh, that old thing. We're searching for it too our backers will be very interested in that.” Said Professor Alister.

"What backers?" Said Jay.

"Oh, you know the gentleman dressed in black over there."

“You mean the Nazis?” said jay

 "Now, Jay, there are very good men who have who have paid a lot of money to this university They are very nice good people you know they deserve a chance to have academia as much as anybody” said Professor Alister

“they're Nazis” said jay

“Jay, that is very rude. Everybody deserves free speech,”

“they wouldn't offer you the same opportunity. That their whole goal is to take that away” said Jay

“Jay, you don't seem totally up for doing this working with Nazis”

“No, I quit, I quit! I will go about it on my own. I'll find it before any of you people can” said jay


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